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Influencer for a Day?

On Monday, October 28th, I was thrown into the world of large scale social media, as I was put in charge of Simmons University’s Instagram story! EEEK! While longtime readers know that I was a blogging queen back in the day, I only have 710 followers on insta, and had NEVER posted an original story — only shared content I was tagged in. I logged into the Simmons instagram, and suddenly had 6,000+ semi-captive listeners. 

Let me tell you, it was exhausting. While my takeover was largely authentic — yes, I do sometimes go to the Gardner on my lunch break, but NO I don’t always have on a full face of makeup at 8 a.m. — it took some planning and creativity to brainstorm just how to share my experiences with Simmons’ insta-sphere. I will admit that I definitely had a storyboard for my day, mapped out with what I thought would be good video opportunities.

I was pretty proud of my “What’s in the bag????” section, where I went through what I have in my backpack on a normal day, and was super excited to experience the Sonic Blossom Exhibit at the Isabella Stewart Gardner by happenstance! That said, my favorite part of the day was answering questions from prospective students, current students, and alums. I was able to plug some of my favorite books, as well as what I love about Boston. Definitely a lot of fun! 

Most of the Simmons story is available under the Highlights section of my personal instagram under “Day in the Life.” If anyone is interested and willing to brave many photos of flowers and my significant other, feel free to take a glance @myfairkatiebug!