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Moving on to Fall

 This week was fairly uneventful, as all I did was read teen books and sneeze a lot. I really enjoy this program in SLIS! All my assigned readings are really fun, and I never thought homework in grad school would be fun. The only hard part about being slammed with so much homework is I woke up on Monday with the sniffles. The sniffles are really no fun, especially when a sore throat follows a day or two later. Lots of naps this week with the sniffles, but by next week I should be back to Loretta’s for line dancing.

  For my Young Adult class, I am evaluating trends in publishing. It is so interesting, and makes my course seem so relevant to the profession I will be going into in about a year. The critical texts we read correspond with the assigned young adult books we read, which is really nice.

 In my other class, I have a lot of textbook readings about story structure. I’ve always loved writing, so I don’t mind all the reading – as dense as it is. This week was the first big writing assignment for the Writing for Children class, and I feel so lucky to be taking a class with MFA students in the Simmons Children’s Literature program. Simmons has blessed me with two wonderful programs of courses and one degree that will lead to a future career in school libraries (and writing children’s books during the summer).

   This is the last weekend of summer before the fall weather comes. I’ve already brought out the gourds and apple cider, but I guess that fall will have to wait until Tuesday. My weekend plans are ice cream at Abbott’s frozen custard in Brighton, a picnic in a park (a lovely pond in Brighton) with fellow SLIS school library friends, and lots of studying. Looking forward to summer weather this weekend, but not so much the studying.