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A Break for Some Fun!

  This week, I tried to have some fun.  I was assigned three books to read this week for my YA Library Collections class I spent most of my week studying and reading! The books are: Judy Blume’s Forever; Seventeenth Summer by Maureen Daly; and Looking for Alaska by John Green. I gave myself a goal on Monday. If I could finish all of the readings for my Writing For Children class, and get halfway done with Looking For Alaska, then I would do something fun on Tuesday night. Howdy, cowgirl! Out I went to a country bar.

   Walking from Simmons to Fenway, I had never realized how “hopping” the area is. Before heading to Fenway on a Tuesday night, I checked to make sure there was no Red Sox game. The crowds out in Fenway Park can get crazy on game night. With no game, I was good to go line dancing. Growing up listening to country music, I was really excited to learn that there is a country bar in Boston. With school and volunteering, I could never find the time to go to Loretta’s Last Call, which is down the street from House of Blues. I finally got the courage this week!  

   Every half hour at Loretta’s, there is a quick lesson for a new dance, and then you practice to a couple songs. There are free line dancing lessons on Sundays and Tuesdays at 8 pm. The “regulars” (the people who come every week) are very welcoming to new faces. In the midst of a busy week of studying and work, it is good to get a break. You don’t have to be a good dancer! You really just have to know which direction everyone is facing when you dance. I tried out some hard line dances, but caught on pretty quickly. For any fan of country music or someone who loves dancing, this is definitely a great break from studying!