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Getting Ready For Fall 2019

Wow! It is hard to believe there is only one more week until classes start! It’ll be nice to get back into study mode after having a month break. The last few things I need to do before classes start are buy my textbooks for class, buy some notebooks, and get ahead on readings due the first couple weeks.

 In the School Library Teacher Program (SLTP), students are able to take two electives. I have always loved writing for fun, and one of the reasons I chose Simmons was due to their exceptional Children’s Literature department. (not to mention their very reputable School Library Teacher Program within the Library and Information Science department). My one fun elective for this fall semester is Writing for Children I. Some of my other SLTP friends are taking electives such as Storytelling and Medieval Manuscripts.


My one required class for the fall is Library Collections and Materials for Young Adults, where I will learn about how to create and manage a library collection for teens. I am excited to conduct observation hours in a high school library to see what teenagers like to read, and figure out if I want to work in a high school library. This is my last required class before I start my practicum (student teaching) in the spring. SLTP students need to complete all their pre-practicum observation hours before they can start their elementary student teaching.


Getting ready for the new semester means I am not only a student, but also a leader for one of the LISSA clubs. I am the president of SCIRRT, the Student Chapter of the International Relations Round Table for the 19-20 school year. I am the only one in a leadership position for this club at the moment, so the beginning of the semester will involve a lot of recruiting new members and planning exciting events for the SLIS community. Until Welcome Day and the first day of classes on September 3rd, I will try to do as much fun reading as I can in my backyard.