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Wrapping Up Two and a Half Years

Now it really is my last week of class and internship. I’ve watched my long list of school things to do slowly dwindle down to the final item: a paper for metadata due on Monday. Once that is turned in, I’ll be finished. No more homework, no more classes, no more trips to Massachusetts. It has been an action-packed semester that has ended with a bang: last week’s tote bag ceremony at which I was honored as the recipient of the Terry Plum Leadership award, our conference presentation at CLA on Monday, and a part-time job offer at Fairfield University! I find myself in the bewildering position of having achieved everything I set out to do (and more) and feeling a tad overwhelmed and not sure what to do next. My time at Simmons has wrapped up in a manner far more exceptional than I imagined and I feel breathless – as if looking around and thinking, “did I really just do that?” To be honest I also feel like I want to crawl into a hole somewhere and not come out for a while because there’s still so much to process.

 How are you supposed to feel when something that’s practically consumed you for 2 and ½ years comes to an end? When you realize you’ll have to find a new “normal” because you can’t remember what life was like before you started the thing and you’ve changed too much to go back to that anyway? I’ll let you guys know when I figure that out. But first I’ve got to write this paper for metadata because it’s not over until it’s over!

 And here are two pictures for you from Saturday: one to show you how long my hair has gotten (I call it my “grad school growth” because I haven’t cut it since I started), and the other is our SLIS West group photo.