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Student Leadership

  It’s finally Friday! This week was a busy one, starting off on Sunday using Google Docs to be a part of a LISSA (Library and Information Science Student Association) officers meeting. Tuesday was a student leaders meeting, for all officers of the eleven library science student groups. After I got out of the student leaders meeting, I checked my phone to find five emails from my other SCIRRT (student chapter of International Relations Round Table) officers regarding an event we are planning. Wednesday was the most fun of all the meetings, since I got to attend a faculty meeting as a student faculty representative. From there, the week got easier.

   How did my week get so busy? Well, back in December, a fellow student posted on the SLIS current students Facebook group asking if anyone was interested in being a student faculty representative. I had no idea as part of this position I would be accepting a role as a LISSA officer, or what I would be doing in this role. But my logic was “why not,” it’ll be fun…?” and that’s how that happened.

   Rewind to October, I was sitting in the SLIS lounge in the Palace Road building waiting for my 6 pm class to start, and I heard some other students talking about international-type events. I kept hollering across the room, as I liked some of their ideas. Then, the current co-chair of the club told me how all the officers are new to the leadership team. Soon I found out that this was the club for international librarianship (SCIRRT), and I was hooked. I went home that night telling my dad I was now the new co-chair of the club. After two months of my first semester of the program, I was in a leadership position. At Simmons SLIS, it is easy to be a leader and getting involved helps students professionally and for making new friends.

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