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It’s the Final Countdown

* 26 days until I finish at SLIS West (our campus has to end a bit earlier than Boston because we use the Mount Holyoke Campus classrooms)

* 26 days until my digital libraries class presents at our graduation party, till I celebrate with SLIS West students and alums for our end of the year celebration, and till I get my special SLIS West tote bag signifying I am an alumna 🙂

* 29 days until I finish my SLIS Boston class

* 46 days until I walk at commencement in Boston

* 44 days until I figure out what to put on the top of my hat for said commencement (ideas welcome)

* an unknown number of days until it really feels like spring

* 1, 418 days (if I’m calculated correctly) until Amherst College celebrates it’s bicentennial (I’m the Bicentennial Project Metadata Librarian, so this is an important countdown for me)

* and, well, I think this should end here- I’m getting a little nervous counting down the days of my life.

My momma did always say “don’t wish your life away,” and I have totally loved my time at grad school. But, I am pretty stoked about being done soon. This semester has been a tough one- my classes are great, but they require a lot of homework time, and getting this new job (which is awesome and I’m so happy and grateful) means I have a bit less of that time. So, ironically, I find myself occasionally wishing for May 3 to be here (that’s my last class day) so that I’ll more time. In other words, wishing time to go by so that I have more of it- which is a bit of a self-defeating thing, really. Simultaneously, the prospect of the last day of classes rapidly approaching makes me super nervous because I still have a lot of work to do to get ready for those last presentations!

It’s all good, though, a little non-runnin-for-your-life stress is good for me. Plus, I’ve given up coffee and lots of other things to do an anti-inflammatory diet, so being jacked up about school is serving as an adequate replacement for my normally caffeine-fueled level of energy.

Anywho, enjoy the week everyone! We had to cancel our SLIS West panel on libraries in the New England states on Saturday due to the weather, but this Saturday’s panel full of hiring managers talking about what they look for in librarian candidates should be pretty awesome.


This week’s The Great TP quote:
“”Even our fears make us feel important, because we fear we might not be.”
~Terry Pratchett, Nation