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I Chose Simmons SLIS Online

It’s a bit surreal to think that last year around this time, I had just submitted my applications for various library schools around the country. I was still torn between whether I wanted to attend an online or in-person program, but I knew that I wanted a high quality education to enable me to be a contributing and active member of the archival profession. I also wanted to be part of a cohort of students that was thoughtful and engaged in their approach to their education and would take a proactive approach in becoming competent and capable professionals. As you can tell, I chose Simmons. Recent events served to solidify my decision that I made the right choice.

Watching Simmons students take an active role in archiving materials created by the Women’s March on Washington only served to cement my decision–this was not a group of individuals pursuing this degree in an apathetic way. These were people who wanted to make a genuine change in the profession, and who I would get to grow with as a cohort and discuss ideas with in class.

As an online student at Simmons, I receive exactly the same experience that I would were my classes in-person. The primary difference is that I can complete courses according to how I learn best, and not be concerned with how I can schedule classes around my job. I find that my ability to participate in discussion is greatly enhanced in an online format. Rather than verbally discussing ideas that are often immature, I have the opportunity to carefully consider my thoughts and increase my understanding of the subject. One consequence is that I can then discuss these ideas with prominent scholars on the faculty at Simmons, and further learn from these dialogues.