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FRBR is dead, long live FRBR!

Okay, this post won’t really be about IFLA LRM, the model that will be replacing FRBR LRM/FRBR/FRAD/FRSAD, but I couldn’t resist putting a little nod to it as the title of this week’s blog post. Those who heard news from ALA Midwinter regarding FRBR and the conceptual model IFLA LRM might think it’s funny, and so that title was for you, kids. Though it’s not going to be called FRBR anymore, and it certainly is not FRBR- there’s a lot of similarities with FRBR in the IFLA LRM- so never fear, peasants. There is still a lord in the land of understanding the bibliographic universe.

Okay, so for you non-cataloging enthusiasts out there, hello! and back to reality and “normal” English we go…
We’re in our second week of classes for the semester. I have one (descriptive cataloging, hence the above little intro) on Wednesdays, and one on Saturdays. Both are on topics that I’m super excited about and that are really applicable to my current job as a metadata intern, so I’m pretty stoked this semester. My Saturday class is digital libraries. Both classes, however, also seem a bit like camping, in that they are intense. (in tents, intense, get it?) So, you might see some weird or stressed out blog posts from me this semester. SLIS West had a nice first day of classes last week with LISSA West hosting a yummy lunch in the SLIS West Office. This week I’m reading like a mother goose and I’m working on mapping out the dissected pieces of an information resource. Sound like fun? You should totally go to library school then.

I’ll have lots more to write about next week, but that’s pretty much all I got right now. Like I said, my hours are filled up with reading when I’m not working, so there’s a little glimpse (snippet) at the life of a student, for you. I’m also still trying to spend time working out, meditating, cooking, and advocating for refugees. So, you may get a future post from me about libraries & refugees. and/or libraries & cooking and libraries & exercise and libraries & mindfulness, ha- those would be fun too.

Have a good weekend, all.

PS: I’m going to start ending every blog post with a Terry Pratchett quote, because I am still an avid fiction reader when not reading about cataloging and digital libraries, and mostly because I totally love the Great TP’s work. So let’s begin with:

“Someone out there was about to find that their worst nightmare was a maddened Librarian. With a badge.”
Terry Pratchett, Guards! Guards!