Student Snippets A Window Into The Daily Life & Thoughts of SLIS Students

A Day in the Life

9:30 AM: Drive to the public library archives to look at some materials for my LIS 415 final project. Discuss with the librarian how they organize their online archives, and whether the initial proposals my group has suggested are acceptable. Talk about my progress on my LIS 407 final project, and discuss with her the audience and whether my analysis of local history sources is of an appropriate breadth and depth based on her experience with the user population.

10:45 AM: Acquire coffee and French pastries!

11:00 AM: Go into my actual job. A chocolate croissant gets me through the first hour. The remaining eight are survived through a combination of coffee and tea to fend off the cold office air.

3:00 PM: Lunch. Go back to the library because I forgot to grab my book that has been on hold since Monday.

??:?? PM: Sporadically edit and compile the group parts of the LIS 415 final project. Start creating slides for our presentation.

8:00 PM: Leave work to walk home, relish the fact that it’s a nice 45 degrees outside.

10:30 PM: Decide to stop working on my LIS 407 and 415 projects for the night.

??:?? : Watch Netflix and until a time that I’m not comfortable sharing. Go to sleep. Repeat, with some variety on the exact assignments worked on.