Student Snippets A Window Into The Daily Life & Thoughts of SLIS Students

The Week Before Finals

‘Tis the week before finals, and all through the land
SLIS students are scurrying to finish up plans.
Slides, lesson plans, websites galore!
We finish up presentations that we hope the teach will adore.
We tidy up projects and put citations in papers
As the weather turns ready for frost and scrapers.

So forgive the silent blog, dear fans, as we put on our thinking caps;
When really our brains are ready for long winter’s naps.
You’ll hear from us again soon, with good tidings and cheer.
For after 12/10 will be finished with half of this school year!

We’ll take long breaks or graduate,
and play and work, work, work
To make use of the break.
You’ll see us in society again, and we won’t just lurk.
We’ll have lives again – at least for a month.
So bear with us, dear fans, as we finish up this crunch!