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Beach Daze

I went to the beach this week. Word of advice?  Make sure you apply as much sunscreen as humanly possible; and always re-apply it after swimming. My back could make Taylor Swift’s lipstick jealous, though I put on sunscreen pretty often.

We went to Revere Beach, which holds the distinction of being the first public beach in the nation, having been established in 1896. The ride out to Revere isn’t bad–if you’re like me, you catch the C or the D and ride to Government Center, then hop on the Blue Line to Wonderland (which, by the way, is actually closer to the beach than the Revere Beach stop. New England…what can you do?)–and the ride home is pretty relaxing too, if you time it right to avoid Red Sox traffic.

Revere Beach is pretty quality for a non-ocean beach. Depending on where you set up, the sand is pretty clear of debris and rock, the water is full of seaweed but not super murky, the downside is that the water is absolutely freezing, because that’s how New England water is until August. There is also a place which sells good “beach pizza” for pretty cheap, and the slices are a quarter of the pizza, though it is cash only. I ended up taking home three huge clam shells and one (empty!) Nautilus shell.

If you’re looking for a more typical beach experience, the MBTA does run a service on the weekends called “Capeflyer” which runs from South Station to Hyannis. Hyannis hosts a couple of nice oceanside beaches, a couple of cool looking museums, and is pretty close to the Cape Cod Mall. Hyannis is still a 40 minute drive from some of the more famous beaches, like Coast Guard beach, but I’ve always loved going on Cape, no matter where I am.

Here’s a picture from my Revere Beach day! Remember sunscreen, water, a fun book and some cash and you’re good to go for a fun, relaxing day at the beach.


(Seriously, remember the sunscreen)