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Salem In A Day

My semester ended last Tuesday so, on Thursday, my friends and I went out to Salem for the day. It’s a fast, cheap trip (14 dollars for a round trip ticket on the commuter rail!) and about thirty or so minutes from South Station to the Salem MBTA station.

We basically just wandered around the central tourist part of Salem, hitting up the Witch Dungeon museum, which was kind of corny but in that nice tourist-y way. They did a reenactment of one of the trials and then lead us on a tour of a replica dungeon, and discussed the history of the jailing of the witches. We then wandered down to the Peabody Museum, which was amazing and rich in both classic and maritime themed art and newer, more modern pieces. If you haven’t been, the offer a student discount and it’s really affordable to go in.

Of course, spending the whole day in Salem, we had to grab lunch. If you’re looking for good food and a nice environment, I would recommend the Gulu-Gulu cafe. We ate there for lunch, and the food was amazing. The menu was limited because it wasn’t full tourist season yet, so their winter menu was still out, but what they had was so good. At the end of the day, we went to Melt Ice Cream, which is this homemade ice cream shop on the walk back from Essex street to the MBTA station. Seriously, it’s worth the train ride just to go to this shop. We also stopped in a few shops on the main shopping road before heading over to look at the Salem Witch Trials Memorial and going home.

I had a blast the last couple of days. My friends have flown off to their respective states for a month or, but, as a New England girl, I’m sticking around Boston for the summer. If every adventure is as fun as Salem was–random sunburn and all–then I am so excited.