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Sunshine and Seventy-Five

Today, as a friend put it, is the “First Nice Day In Boston”. Although my phone is trying to tell me it is partly cloudy, the skies are a clear blue, the 75 degree temperature is perfect, the grass is a lush green and the trees and flowers are in bloom. You can almost forgive mother nature for turning Boston in this two weeks ago:



At any rate, the weather has turned from winter to spring, and it is finally gorgeous enough out to just start walking everywhere again. This is wonderful, especially considering the fact that my commute home takes me through Fenway and Kenmore, and the Boston Red Sox opened last week for the season. As much as I’m a fan, I’m waiting excited for those nice, relaxing commutes in the summer when there are no games and there are a lot less undergraduates. (Do I sound like a grumpy old graduate student yet? I’ve been working on it.)

While I don’t have plans for this weekend–yet!–I’m happy to force my friends to talk walks with me out in the sunshine while I have it. The end of the semester is going to busy and stressful, but if the weather keeps feeling like this, then I think we’re all going to make it through just fine. Besides, when you live so close to the gorgeous green spaces in Boston, from the Commons to the gardens at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, there’s no good reason to not take a break and take in some sunshine.

Really fast, here’s what Simmons looks like today from the tech lab. I think I may have to go for another walk as soon as I finish this up!