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Homework Craze(d)

There’s been a little radio silence from me in the past few weeks, but it wasn’t intentional. It’s just that the semester decided to get ridiculously busy. In the past two weeks, I’ve learned javascript over the phone, shown my friends how to write javascript for an assignment, written 12 double spaced pages and four single spaced pages, taken a quiz, and all around tried to keep ahead on my homework. It’s been a very busy few weeks. However, Friday I was able to start to get ahead on my homework, which was a blessing and a half. April, for whatever reason, seems to be a little less crazy, though there’s still a lot to do. For 403, besides the third assignment and the final 25 page paper, I signed up as part of an extra credit Usability team. For 453, I finished my tweets and usage statistics assignment early but still have the final policy to write and put together. 488 still has a paper, the final webpage, some graphics work and a relational database assignment to get started on. 

Oh, and Camp NaNoWriMo has started up again (you remember my November NaNoWriMo post). This year I’ve halved my goal for camp down to 25,000 words to focus on schoolwork, but I’m definitely hoping to be able to push myself to do more than that. While I chase productivity for the next month and a half, you can follow my camp NaNoWrimo progress here!