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Playing the Waiting Game

I have good news and bad news. The (very very) good news is that I am graduating in less than 7 weeks! Done! Finished with school! And while I have absolutely loved my time at Simmons, and in academia in general, I am very ready to begin the next (paper- and homework-free) season of life…which brings me to the bad news. As I am learning, this next season may be aptly titled “The Waiting Game.” I’ve been applying to internships and job positions since late January, and so far, no nibbles. The hardest part is that with the company I’m applying to, I can track my application progress on their website. So while I can see that my application is being considered, I have no way of knowing how long that might last or how serious that consideration is. So, I’m having to re-learn the art of patience that was drilled into me by my kindergarten teacher. This is enough to drive a planner like me crazy, by the way.

 So I’ve decided that I’m not going to just sit around tapping my foot and obsessively refreshing my email. I am going to make something of my time in limbo. And since I am sure at least one of you might be in a similar boat as me (please tell me I’m not alone in this) I will share with you my fool-proof “Guide to Waiting for the Post-Grad Job.”

  How to Pass the Time While Waiting:

  1.      Do your homework.


Yeah, this isn’t what I want to be doing either. But we are so close to being done! Don’t trip up on the final leg…finish strong! (I apologize for all the sports metaphors there. Not sure where those came from.) Also, if you’re thinking good and hard about your studies, your mind will have less time to wander off to “What If” world. Trust me, that’s a place you could get lost in for quite some time.

2. Get Active


The weather is finally starting to feel like spring. So get out of the house and away from the computer screen. You know what they say about a watched email inbox…. Take a walk in one of Boston’s amazingly beautiful parks, or sign up for a fun workout class. Simmons has a bunch of great options that are free to students. There’s everything from Zumba to yoga to Hip Hop. Plus, if you keep moving you’ll feel even more confident in that interview outfit which, I promise, you will eventually need to pull out.

3. Eat Something Good.


I know this may sound counter-productive to my last tip, but let me explain. I tend to be a stress snacker. Brownies are my poison of choice, but I’m sure we all have our own unique go-to. And while I know in my head stress eating probably isn’t the healthiest, it’s very easy to just give in and grab whatever’s closest in the cupboard. But instead, take a minute to do a little research and find a new restaurant to try. Boston has a TON of great places to grab a bite. My personal favorite find is Zaftigs, a Jewish deli brunch spot that is to DIE for! If you go, get something that comes with the date butter. Seriously, you’ll thank me. Or, if you’re feeling particularly motivated, try out a new recipe from home. Either way, you’ll be off the couch and engaged with other people, a good way to soak up the culture of Boston and get your mind off the unforeseeable future.

4. A good movie marathon never hurt anybody.


If you think about it, once you get a grown-up job, you’ll probably have less time (and energy) for things like late-night movie marathons with the roommates. So get your peeps together and pick a genre (I suggest Disney), or an actor (Johnny Depp has a great variety) to give your binge session some direction. Enjoying a good story and some good laughs with your friends is the best way to remind yourself that life isn’t all about the job.

 These are my tips. Wish me luck as I try to follow my own advice, and I wish you the same.

 Bonus Tip:

 Find all the books I included in this post and read them! They really are very entertaining 🙂