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I went to Harry Potter world

Tara Pealer

Okay, I didn’t really. I went to Harry Potter’s World at Beatley Library. A little bit closer to home and a lot less expensive. Libraries are a great place for free events.

What is Harry Potter’s World at Beatley Library, you might be asking? Well, Harry Potter’s World is a travelling event put on at libraries across the nation by the National Institute of Health’s National Library of Medicine. It combines elements of the world of Harry Potter, from Fantastic Beasts to Herbology, with a real world perspective of the history of science concerning those elements. It compares Harry’s experience with something like Immortality with the historical search and medical science behind the same topic.

Yesterday the exhibit opened with an event involving the Sorting Hat, Wand Making, S.P.E.W (Society for Promotion of Elfish Welfare) and, of course, Dumbledore. I was sorted, thankfully, into Hufflepuff, and collected free items from the event, including a Hufflepuff pin, a Hogwarts pin, a S.P.E.W pin, and a fake tattoo of the spell ‘Riddikulus!’ The wand making station ¬†followed these instructions, and the completed efforts were wonderful and adorable. There are also several more events, including talks from professors on campus combining the world of Harry Potter with classes and topics on campus, many of which I plan to attend.

The S.P.E.W station was also promoting the sock drive the library is running to tie in with the Harry Potter theme, and had a Dobby statue on the table. Both the sock drive and Harry Potter’s World are running at the library for about another month, so stop in if you can.

Here’s a picture of me from one of the stations–Dumbledore photobombed me!


The exhibit at Beatley is set up in the middle of the main library floor. There’s a lot of great information available.