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How I Spent SuperBowl 50

Jill Silverberg

I want to preface that I am not a big football fan. I enjoy watching a game every now and then but only casually. I barely know any rules associated to the game; I can only name like three players; and half of the time, I forget which team is which. Like I said, I am not a football person. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t find ways to enjoy myself when I watch a football game.

This year, my entire apartment decided to do something special for the Super Bowl. Last year, our first year living together, three of us were extremely sick and I spent the majority of the game hallucinating from the flu. So, to celebrate 50 years of Super Bowl fun and not being sick, we decided to put together a massive Bingo game.
Image 1.jpg
Pretty impressive huh? We got into the tradition of making Bingo boards during the last year’s baseball season. Since then, we make a board for every sport game we watch. Some times it works better than others but it’s always fun coming up with ideas for potential squares.
For obvious reasons I won’t say which team my apartment was rooting for though we all agreed that both teams played very good games.
While the Super Bowl itself was fun to watch, the REAL fun was when we finally managed to get Bingo. 
Image 2.jpg
And guess who happened to be the one who won the game?
Image 3.JPG
That’s right, this lucky lady! Sometimes you just need a night of fun to help unwind from a busy week and prepare for the start of another.