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The Million Dollar Question

Jill Silverberg

Every now and then I journey home to Long Island, NY to spend time with my family, friends, and cat, Ella. This was the first time I was home since the start of the semester, so everyone wanted to know how my year had been going so far. Besides asking about the usual stuff (school, work, and my friends), I noted that there were two questions that everyone wanted ask me. And trust me when I say that that utilization of italics is not an overreaction. 

The first question, I guess, should have been anticipated: Are you ready for another Boston winter?

While I do admit that last year’s winter was bad, it wasn’t the worst thing in the world, at least not for me. Since I don’t have a car and can walk to everything I need, the only complaint I had was the fact that I missed one or two classes. Besides, I LIKE SNOW. So what if we have a lot of snow this year? I seriously do not mind.

As for the second question, this was the one that I truly got sick of hearing. Not like in ‘stop it, this is bothering’ way but the ‘Oh my god, I think I am having a panic attack’ way. Can you guess what this question was? 


Here’s a hint: it’s the one thing that all soon-to-be-graduated students can’t stand to hear.

Still can’t figure it out? 


Since replying with “I DON’T KNOW” is not exactly a mature way of handling things, I was forced to face the reality of the fact that I am in my second to last semester of grad school and that I probably should figure this stuff out. The end is fast approaching as they say. And that fact is what really freaks me out.

While I do acknowledge that there isn’t much I can do to circumvent the inevitable, I just really don’t feel ready to face it. What do I want to do after grad school? Well, having a job would be a good start. Of course that sentiment alone opens its own can of metaphorical worms. Where do I want work? A museum? An archive? A special library? And what state/city do I want to work in? Gah my mind already hurts 🙁 

Although I will eventually have to answer all these questions, I think for now I am just going to focus on the relatively near future AKA, registering for my capstone and tackling my history thesis. 

As the saying goes, I’m gonna take what’s left of my time at Simmons and SLIS, one day at a time.