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Summer Reading

Jill Silverberg

It’s hard to believe that just a few months ago, the city of Boston was still blanketed in snow, my apartment was a frozen tundra, and I was elbows deep in school work. Even though school ended for me back in early May, it still feels like just yesterday that I would spend a solid twelve hours a day on the Simmons campus working on final papers and projects. Fortunately for me, days like that are now simply just fond memories and hilarious anecdotes. And with the 2014/2015 academic year now a thing of the recent past, I’ve finally had the opportunity to do something that I only really get to do during the summer months: leisure read!!!!!!!!

I don’t joke around when I tell people that I am a blbliophile. I REALLY love books. However, not even my love of the written word is enough to find time to read a book for fun while also working on all the reading and other academic responsibilities that require my attention during the school year. While I certainly do check out books with the hope of perhaps reading them during some downtime, I never really manage to find any of that rare anomaly. This is why I’ve taken to creating a summer reading list. Remember those things? It’s a tradition that I started during my senior year of college and it is a pretty easy one to keep up with although I assure you all that it isn’t as exciting as it really sounds. Rather than being pages and pages of book titles, its usually just a handful of titles that I am 100% determined to read the moment I have a slew of free time. For example, Eric Larson’s Dead Wake was on that list. I can happily report that I finished it this past Monday. Next on my list is Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children a book that first came to my attention during a course I took back in the fall. 

While my book list contains titles that I am determined to read, that doesn’t mean that I am bound to read only books on that list. As I write this blog post from my parent’s home in NY, I have a stack of about five or so books on the floor that I checked out from my local library earlier this week. None of which, might I add, are on my list. Will I get to them all? Probably not but that doesn’t mean I won’t try. Reading is one of my favorite pastimes and I am thrilled that I finally have an opportunity to take part in leisure reading again.

Considering the statements above, I guess this blog post has morphed into something like a PSA on the joys of reading. Guess I should it with some positive encouragement…