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An Open Letter to Snow

Jill Silverberg

Dear Snow,

You have been very busy these past two months, my dear friend. Since the end of January, not a week has passed where you haven’t unleashed yourself upon the city of Boston. I wonder, is this perhaps retaliation of some kind because the meteorologists were predicting a mild winter? Or perhaps, you simply enjoy covering Boston in your snowy blankets, changing the city into a winter wonderland? Whatever your motivation for delivering snow storm after snow storm upon my beloved city of Boston, I write to you today, as strong winds howl outside my apartment creating clouds of white, to ask you for leniency.  Enough is enough. Please, can we not have anymore snow?
I am fully aware that writing this plea to you is most likely folly, but with 45.5 inches of snow as today (according to, a plea such as this can’t hurt. And yes, that’s right: 45.5 inches. That’s a lot of snow, especially in such a short amount of time. Let me list a just a few of the things that these 45.5 inches have caused thus far.
1. Simmons College has had five snow days thus far; there are students who have not yet had a Monday class! 
2. The city has had to shut down the MBTA three times now. While I have to luxury of being able to walk to all the places I need to get to in case of an emergency, the same cannot be said of others. The closure of the MBTA has inconvenienced a lot of people. 
3. ICE. Just ice.
4. The massive piles of snow created by the city’s plows are just that, MASSIVE. They have narrowed sidewalks, trapped in cars, and making the daily practice of walking feel like one is constantly climbing over Everest. They will probably be here until May.
5. Being snowed in so often is very boring. I am literarily running out of homework to do in my spare time.
Snow, I love you, and I am sure that many other people in Boston (especially kids) love you too, but I think the city has had enough for one year. I am aware that more snow is due to hit the city this week but maybe I don’t think anyone would complain if the snow DIDN’T happen to fall. I know it seems like I am asking a lot, but consider it. Maybe, for just one week in February, it doesn’t have to snow in Boston?
I think I speak for everyone when I say: Please, don’t snow on Boston anymore.
Thank you,
Jill Silverberg