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What’s Next?

Maggie Davidov

4748804337_ff51d52736_z.jpgI am graduating in December. This is painfully evident to me as many of my friends are graduating this spring. I watch them as they introduce themselves at the job fair in their smart pant suits. I linger over their announcements on the last day of class: This IS my last class at GSLIS. I jump for joy when they reveal in triumph: I GOT A JOB!

This is what’s next this week: parties, life without homework, and the jobs on the horizon.  But what about after that? What happens after the cheering is over, the reading for fun begins and the day-to-day routines of library jobs set in?  This is inevitably what is addressed, or should be addressed, in any last class rant by a professor of substance. My two professors, both crazy intelligent beings, Amy Pattee and Linda Braun, spent their last moments with us pronouncing those fateful words: THIS IS NOT THE END! They’re right, it is only the beginning. I pass their words of wisdom on to you, dear readers, as this semester comes to a lovely close.

Linda Braun, who taught me about the vast potential of social media, said that in order to succeed as librarians we must continue to invest in reading about the latest trends in technology. This does not mean we should exclusively be subscribing to list-servs or rss feeds about technology in libraries, but simply what’s new and exciting on the web, hardware and other various new tech trends. How are people interacting with the world through technology. As we become more informed, the more we will be able to link these new trends to potential in libraries. As I said, the woman is a genius. Did I say that? Well if I didn’t: GENIUS.

Amy Pattee, who opened my eyes to a world beyond dystopian young adult literature, reminded me to keep my finger on the pulse of the publishing world. It is our job as librarians to understand what is happening in literature and that can’t just mean ordering the New York Times Best sellers (that’s a great place to start, but there are other sources). Find a voice of a librarian that resonates with you on twitter or on a blog and keep up with what they have to say. Find a community that fits your needs and sign up for that list-serv or join that round table at ALA and join the conversation.

Happy end of the semester to all and to all a good night!