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Where Did the Time Go?

Jill Silverberg
I’ve looked at my calendar more times than I can count in the last few days. Surely the date can’t be right; wasn’t it January just the other day? Although it says that today is the second to last day of April, I’m about 95% certain that my laptop’s calendar is wrong. Shouldn’t the last few days of April be warm? I’m pretty sure that the weather outside is more like something I’d find in late February, or early March at best. No, this all has to be one massive, over the top hoax; any moment now Ashton is going to pop and inform me that I’ve been punked.
Any moment now…still waiting….Ashton?
Alright fine, I’ll face the facts, the semester is literally days from being over which means that somehow,  I’ve just completed my first year at Simmons. Of course I’m over the moon excited by this fact; I have just one small twenty-five paper standing in between me and summer break. And yet, it seems like just yesterday I was leaving for spring break. Seriously, I knew that time flies when you are having fun but this is outrageous. But then again, I guess that this semester, just like the one before it, was just one awesome experience after another. Yea, the homework at times somewhat decreased the fun factor, but still, for the most part, I’ve learned a lot and have come a long way since last September. Who knew that grad school would go by so quickly? I feel like when I was a senior in college all over again. One moment my dad and I are lugging my stuff into my senior year dorm, the next, I’m walking across the stage to accept my diploma. The situation is a bit different, but the same principle still applies. In all seriousness, I really thought that grad school would be something that would feel like eternity to get through. But I just finished the first of a two year program and I feel like I’ve been living in the city for all of five minutes!
So now what do I do? Well, I have about four months of relaxation up ahead to enjoy though don’t think that means I won’t be doing anything fun. I’ll still be working at the BPL (yay!), I’ll have a plethora of opportunities to get outside the city with my older sister and do some hiking (yay!), I’m thinking about doing some volunteering at a local library or historic site (yay!), the fourth of July (yay!), and a summer course (yay?). That’s right; for two weeks, I’ll be enrolled in the summer session of Preservation Management. It’s definitely going to be one of the most intense courses I’ve taken thus far, but I’m excited for the challenge. Of course, I’ll be writing all about it, so don’t worry; I’ll be sure to include as much information as I can. And of course, I’ll be writing about all the other things I plan to do this summer (expect a lot of recipes) and you can follow along here!
I think the next four months are going to be very interesting.