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What Happens When I Fly Away?

Maggie Davidov

Is anybody else amazed at how fast this year is flying by? Yes, spring break is upon us and we are all grateful, but speaking as someone who will be graduating in December (heaven help us if I don’t) I feel these days slipping away faster than usual. I’m losing track of time. Every email whizzes past my inbox and I begin to crave and fear the future. What happens after graduate school? I imagine big paychecks, tomes that in no way resemble textbooks, and oodles of time to sit down in a garden somewhere.  These are the lies that we tell ourselves. Life will be easier after graduate school. Will it though? Will you receive updates about the latest technologies enhancing our profession? Will you have the opportunity to network on a weekly basis with super smart people? This is all food for thought for you, but mostly for me. I’m aching to leave and begin my life as a fully-fledged librarian. I want my wings soooo badly!  I think the question I continue to ask Linda Braun though, brilliant library technology brain that she is, is how do you keep up? We are not relevant if we lag behind and fester in comfortable ignorance. So, I make it my mission this year to prepare for a time when I won’t be hounded by professors on “what’s hot and what’s not” in the world of library science. There will come a time when our inbox might be less crowded with LISSA mails but that means that we sadly must replace them with emails that keep us vibrant, relevant and essential to our communities and the people we serve. This was supposed to be a whistful entry about the ever-quickening passage of time, but now it seems to be a call to action to get amped and to be prepared. A world without the ample support of GSLIS is almost upon us.