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I Need Office Supply Rehab.

Please indulge me as I nerd out for a second about something that I don’t think many people nerd out about.  Yes, I played World of Warcraft for years.  Yes, I am really into Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and a plethora of even less well-known fantasy and science fiction-y stuff.  But one of my favorite nerd-outs is so nerdy that no one even talks about it, and I’m not sure if anyone else suffers from this affliction besides myself (and apparently the whole of South Korea).  

Let’s nerd out about supplies. 

Seriously, guys.  Is there anything better than the perfect pen, or a fresh notebook, or – the crème de la crème – a desk organizer?

I have spent years hunting for the right school supplies.  My father, bless his heart, finally gave up and sent me his credit card number so I could order my own planner, because in his words “just pick one already and buy it for yourself and consider it a Christmas present.”

Everyone is different with what they prefer.  I recently came to terms with the fact that I am an archivist who prefers ballpoint pens – these pens, actually – and virtually nothing else will do.  Notebooks have become much less exciting after the introduction of the world to the perfect notebook – Moleskine, anyone? 

But outside of those things I am constantly and consistently shopping and keeping a list of the perfect supplies, to treat myself with when I am having a crappy day.  Most women eat chocolate; I buy desk supplies.  AND eat chocolate.  Go big or go home. 

Without further ado, my February’s DO WANT list:

MochiThings:  is a collection of the cutest desk supplies that South Korea has to offer.  I recently bought this organizer when it was on sale, because honestly the two planners I got for Christmas wasn’t enough, and seriously by the way…how flipping cute?!

Additionally, I am freaking out about why no one loves me enough to purchase THIS for me yet.  A wallet that includes my phone…there is virtually nothing else I will need in life.  Just an in-person endorsement, I bought my mother one for Christmas and so far it has been very handy and extremely well-made in person.  Just sayin’. 

If you’re more of an amazon person, this Kikkerland Elephant Organizer is a great way to get the papers off your desk.  You can screw it to the wall, or use it freestanding.  On that note, I discovered Kikkerland yesterday and went down the rabbit hole of their super cute supplies.  Someone stop me, dear god…

And finally: as I said, la crème de la crème.  For Christmas from my loving husband I received.  The.  Cutest. Desk. Organizer.  Seriously, I almost regret sharing it with you, dear readers, because you’re just going to die and it’s out of stock… The Hold Fashioned Storage Chest.  It’s big, it’s bulky, and boy it’s beautiful.  Take a look, and then refresh manically until it comes back in stock…

There you have it: my supply list for February.  And if you are an office supply nerd like me, please share your favorite websites or to-buys!!