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Let’s Beat the Winter Blues: Out of the House and Out of the Cold

Hello friends!  I hope you are all safe and sound after this bipolar weather we are having.  I know that the last thing anyone feels like doing at the moment is traveling out, but sometimes you need to brace yourself against the cold, bundle up for sleet/snow/rain/55 degree weather, and go outside.  Let’s talk about Making the Most of Winter!

I will be sharing with you a few of my favorite spots to both mentally and physically escape the weather. 

The Museum of Fine Arts

The MFA is truly a must-see for anyone in Boston, whether you’re a permanent resident or only spending a weekend in Beantown.  The MFA is a contender for the best museum in the country, and is certainly one of the top ones in the world – it houses extensive collections of American, European, Meso-American, and Byzantine art, to name a few of their collections.  Additionally, there is a featured display that is always worth seeing.  One of my past favorites was a collection of Japanese Samurai artifacts, including armor, katanas, and masks; currently an extensive exhibit of John Singer Sargent Watercolors is on display (but it ends on the 20th, so hurry!).  And it is only a few short blocks away from Simmons; students can gain free entry.  So why not?!

In the same vein as the MFA…

The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is another art museum, but that’s about as far as the commonalities go between the MFA and the ISG.  The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum has an incredibly rich history in addition to the history of the amazing art and artifacts that are housed there; one of the biggest art robberies of all time unfortunately occurred at the ISG.  And, due to a stipulation in Isabella’s will that nothing could be changed in the museum after her death, the frames of the pictures still hang on the wall as an eerie and heartbreaking reminder of the losses this museum suffered.  In addition to the stories that surround the museum, however, there is also an incredible art collection to see, including the famous Titian’s Europa.  And – it’s even closer to Simmons than the MFA; this museum is literally right next door! 

And finally,

The Museum of Science

While at first glance the Museum of Science may seem like a museum mainly for children, don’t let the whimsical atmosphere fool you.  This museum is more than entertaining for people of all ages – and contains exhibits of all kinds!  On the upcoming docket for exhibits include The Experience of Food; Food, Nature Culture; the live animal care center, and more.  There is also an IMAX theater that is a totally immersive experience into the world of fish, dinosaur bones, and more; additionally, there is an amazing world-renowned planetarium that is absolutely worth a visit, especially if you have not wondered about how small the earth is compared to the rest of space lately.  While the Museum of Science may not seem as “high culture” as the ISG or the MFA, take the word from an internet stranger: if you go, you will not be disappointed! 

These three museums are my top picks to get out of my apartment, but also to get out of the cold.  Coming soon: SPRING! What do you do to escape the winter blues?