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All About Going Abroad

Jill Silverberg

Having the chance to study abroad is something that I think many students want to strive towards when they begin their career as college students. While a number of my close friends did indeed get to experience the wonders of studying in a foreign country, I unfortunately did not. With the idea that my opportunity to go abroad had finally passed, you can imagine my pleasant surprise when I discovered that GSLIS offered its students a number of study abroad options. Yes you are reading this correctly; you can study abroad in graduate school! Who knew?

For those of you who are curious, GSLIS will be offering two study abroad options this summer, one in Seoul, South Korea, and the other in Paris, France. For two whole weeks, groups of students will have the chance to take LIS classes, experiences the wonders of another culture, and get to explore locations they have only dreamed of! Just to clarify, for each trip, two different course options will be offered. As for the classes themselves, there will be a total of five, two in one week, three in the other. For the remainder of the two weeks, and once the afternoons classes are over, one has the freedom to travel around their respective city either alone, or with a group of other students. As someone who thought they had missed the boat on going abroad, I am super excited to hear that GSLIS is offering their students this opportunity, especially because this summer, GSLIS is going to Paris. Paris, the city of light, delicious food, and a number of beautiful gardens, museums, and other historic and national landmarks. Also, Julia Child spent a considerable amount of time there, and as someone who is downright obsessed with Julia Child, this is clearly the trip for me. Oh, and did I mention that one of the classes going to France will be LIS 470: Visual Communications? For those who don’t know, this particular course will study various forms of visual communication and how it relates within the world of LIS and libraries. Topics that will be covered include visual literacy, rare books, prints and printmaking, typography, photography, posters, ephemera, propaganda, digital images, exhibit construction, and other topics driven by student interest. I’m getting excited just typing about it!

However do not start thinking that these are the only options for studying abroad. As a member of the Colleges of the Fenway, Simmons students are able to take advantage of a variety of available study abroad options. If you’re interested in seeing a list of all currently available options, please check out the link posted below. Just seeing all the potential options is enough to make one’s mouth water with excitement. An additional source that is worth checking out is Simmons’ study abroad office, also below: