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Savor Your Time at GSLIS

Maggie Davidov

savor simmons.jpg

Are we there yet? I keep asking myself this question. When I started at GSLIS, I thought I would be at a great advantage over the full-time students. Here they were rushing through a very full and complex curriculum, while I would be plodding along, taking stock of my interests as I went. This, fundamentally is true. However, with both sides of the coin it seems I shall mix metaphors and say that the grass looks greener on their side! I want so much to be DONE.  I have learned a great deal here and I’m enjoying my classes. But I’ve finished almost four semesters and the thought of three more is weighing me down.

So, what’s the remedy here? Who can I turn to? In this case I turn to everyone and anyone who’s worked full-time and gone to graduate school at the same time. Most of the teachers at the high school I work at completely feel my pain. We sit over lunch and ask ourselves, “When does life get easier?”

When we have kids? Nope, I think not.

When we get promoted or fired? Again, I think either option shakes our lives to the core.

 When we move for a new job? Core-shaker if ever there was one.

Why are we such creatures of habit? What is it about the human condition that reaches for a cozy corner with blankets and a good book or a sunny sky over a picnic with a good book? Notice, all my happy spots include blankets and good books. Who’s job includes blankets and good books? I can only think of one work scenario where good books and blankets are featured and that’s the job I’m working towards. That’s where I’m going. I will get there. In an instant gratification society, I am held back by my urge to finish, to move on to the next big thing. Instead, I must remember to smell the roses, enjoy where I am now and most of all remember to open my eyes and ears and soak in all that GSLIS goodness while it lasts.