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Better than Thanksgiving or Christmas…It’s Registration Season!

Maggie Davidov


If you’re like me and you’re finding the Christmas fliers in your mailbox irritating, then I invite you to celebrate a new season: Registration! Yes, ’tis the season to be planning your future. What classes will you take, and with whom? Talking to friends and colleagues is a great way to get started but another option when checking out professors is look at their ratings. Ever wonder why we fill out those reviews in the tech lab at the end of every semester? It’s so people like you can say, “Hey, I’ve heard that Storytelling (LIS 423) is a hoot and a holler. Why shouldn’t I take that? It should be an easy A.” If you read the evalutations though I’m sure it would say the opposite. Storytelling is an intense class involving a lot of research and performance.  I know this because I’m taking it, and I also reviewed the class in those handy binders outside the student lounge on the second floor of the Palace Road building before I took it. It is NOT an easy A. It is thrilling, nonetheless.

Another good thing to do is meet with your advisor and talk about your degree’s requirements. Your professor can help you plan a calendar of what to take around when. I know my advisor told me that it would be good to not run through all of my core courses as they are always available. Good advice! Your advisor has a lot of nuggets of wisdom to share, and can probably also clue you in to what courses they LOVE to teach. Professors do have favorite courses to teach. Find out what they are and TAKE THEM!

This is an exciting time: time to research, time to think about the future, time to learn about cool new offerings.

Check out the calendar for Spring 2014 (will be updated on Tuesday):

Also check out descriptions of all the courses offered at GSLIS:

Make sure you check your registration time on AARC: “My Registration Start and End Time”