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Tastes of Fenway

Jill Silverberg

IMG_20130918_124055_1_20130930001959135.jpgSo for those of you who don’t know, besides being a bibliophile, I am also a foodie. As a person obsessed with all things food, I always love a chance to try a new restaurant, type of cuisine, or entrée. However, since I commute from Brighton, I don’t usually get a chance to explore the neighborhoods surrounding Simmons. This is a rather unfortunate fact since just outside of campus, is a slew of eateries that every Simmons student or faculty member should check out. The one I’m featuring here today, Neighborhood Coffee and Crepes, is a place perfect for anyone who likes a good cup of coffee (or latte), mouthwateringly delicious crepes, and chill atmosphere excellent for reading a book or doing some casual studying.

Located just seven minutes from campus, this little gem is tucked away amongst a number of other eateries. Since this was my first dining experience in the Fenway, I decided to pull out all the stops. Although Neighborhoods offers a number of yummy looking baked goods, I decided to go with the café’s specialty; crepes. With a choice between savory or sweet, I had to put some careful thought into my selection, finally opting to go sweet. My final decision? The Tudor, which features thinly sliced apples (or bananas, or both if you ask), and creamy peanut butter. All of this sweet goodness is wrapped in a fresh crepe and drizzled with honey and cinnamon. As for my drink, I opted for a flavored latte, since I’m not much of a coffee person. Although I cannot recall the various flavor choices they had, I can tell you that the gingerbread latte I received tasted just like the winter holidays. For about $12, I can honestly say that this was a meal worth having.  While this place has been the only eatery I’ve had the pleasure to experience in the Fenway area, I cannot wait to try others. The bar has been raised and I can sense that I won’t be disappointed.

So if you ever have some time to kill between classes or need a break from the joys of studying, take a stroll over to the Neighborhoods and try a crepe. Your taste buds will be glad you did.

Neighborhoods Coffee and Crepes is located on 96 Peterborough St
(between Kilmarnock St & Jersey St). You can their menu online: