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My iPad is Mad at Me, and Other Fun Technical Things

Last week my iPad and I got into a fight. I’m not sure what I did to upset it but it refused to cooperate. This led to a long (but thankfully free) visit to the Apple store. As it turned out, there was a software issue that wasn’t my fault at all, and the Apple Genius even told me he could tell I take great care of my iPad. I was less excited to learn that I have been using the “iCloud” storage function entirely wrong. I added insult to injury when I mentioned I should know better seeing as I’m working towards a degree in Information Science! The Apple Genius laughed and kindly taught me how to use the storage function more efficiently in the future. Although it’s never fun admitting that you don’t know something I’m glad to have had the whole system explained to me, not only for my own selfish reasons but also so I can explain it to other people who have difficulties.

Despite having some technical mishaps in my personal life, helping patrons with their technical troubles at the public library has proved easier than I expected. Often all a patron needs is another set of eyes or someone to help them remain calm as they navigate unfamiliar websites or use a new program (such as excel) for the first time. I find it easy to relate to patrons’ struggles because I tend to have similar frustrations.

I may still not be where I’d like to be with my techie skills (the Apple store won’t be hiring me to work as a Genius anytime soon) but I’m miles ahead of where I was last semester. Two of my classes will be having an online class one week this semester and I’m looking forward to the virtual classroom experience. I’m considering taking an online or blended course next semester and this should be a great introduction. Taking a course entirely online still feels a bit daunting since I’m pretty old school but I’m determined to keep an open mind. As always, I’ll be sure to report back!