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Autumn in Boston

Maggie Davidov

autumn_in_boston_iv_by_edgard82-d4ghs5y.jpgWhy does cold weather feel collegiate? Walking into school yesterday was preposterous. It’s September. There’s a reason people fall for the “Back to School” sales at the mall. Autumnal wind, the smell of crisp leaves and the feel of a brand new notebook beneath my fingers is infectious. Don’t you just want to sharpen some pencils?

I’ve gotten into the habit of arriving at my classes 15 minutes early, mainly because I like to people watch. I like to observe my new GSLIS cohorts lay out their new pens, write their name on the top left hand corner of their new composition notebook, and stack their textbooks underneath their chair. There’s something comforting about getting it just right on the first day even though, full disclosure, you don’t need any of these things for your first class. You need to come with an open mind and the capacity to listen to others.

And yet, is there anything more refreshing than walking to class with the crisp morning air brushing your cheek, know that your backpack is laden with everything you might possibly need and more? No there isn’t, with the exception of when the humidity is nearing 100% and the temperature induces your legs to sweat.  Ridiculous hot weather aside, it is my personal belief that New England in the fall is a big reason people come to school here. Sure, Simmons has one of the best Library information Science programs in the country, but I think a big factor is this crisp cool weather accompanied by the breathtaking myriad of colorful leaves.

The message, the underlying theme in this shameless plug for Boston is enjoy this time in your semester, it’s inspiring.