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I locked myself out of my bathroom…and other tall tales.

Maggie Davidov

So when I say “tall” I mean true. I am sitting in my apartment, cautiously drinking water owing to the fact that I may not be able to relieve myself as I have somehow locked the bathroom from the outside. This all comes at the end of my seven day recovery period. Recovery from what you might ask? Oh, just the removal of the superfluous organ we call the gallbladder.  But didn’t you have a ticket to Chicago for the ALA conference? Did you get to go? Why yes! And no I did not get to go to Chicago. The stars and my gastro intestinal system have chosen to align to combust this summer barring me from travel. And so, this is the time I chose to reflect on my life. In this summer of heat and nothing but time to muse in my pain reliever haze I reflect on my time at GSLIS.

As I look back over my year of posting on this blog I realize I came into this program with a lot of good fortune, fabulous tales of the Peace Corps, spelling bees and basically saving a Mediterranean country for libraries and peace.  I seem to have lost my swagger…along with my gallbladder (had to be said).  However, sitting here, reading the latest info link about the accomplishments of GSLIS alums as well as the tech lab workshops I do not despair…too much. True, this has been a summer of trials and tribulations. In times such as these I find it best to speak as Anne Shirley would. True, I will never have puffed sleeves on my dress, or perhaps publish my own book of short library vignettes. Then again, maybe this is Boston’s way of breaking me in, forcing me to prove to you, devoted readers, what I do know.

I’ve been here almost a year and I can say these three things with confidence. If you’re a new student, take note.

  1. Moodle will send you updates to every forum you post in unless you click that box that says you don’t want to be notified of a new post via email. So, if your class of 30 is required to post once a week make sure you CLICK that box.
  2. Linda Watkins is a brilliant librarian, fiercely solving crimes and boxing the ears of databases. She is game, when it comes all things GSLIS. Use her as a resource!
  3.  Don’t lock yourself out of your own bathroom in the middle of the summer in a 90 degree heat wave. Sweating will only get you so far.