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Live Twitter Chats #GSLISchat

Hi readers!

The Admission Office is excited to announce upcoming live Twitter chat dates. These Twitter chats will basically be live Q&A sessions using the hashtag #GSLISchat. If you’re a prospective student, or even an incoming student, and you’ve got questions about the program or application process, etc., please get on Twitter and ask us your questions! We are holding three live chats in August: 8/1 at 10:00am, 8/12 at 4:30pm, and 8/27 at 12:30pm. For more information see our event schedule:

You can simply tweet your questions and include the hashtag #GSLISchat, or you could also join the discussion on Twubs: I’ll post some of the questions on here after the event, just in case you missed it! If you have any questions about these chats, please email me at [email protected]

I hope you’ll join us on Twitter! Thanks for reading!