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World Book Night

Maggie Davidov

What a week this has been! I’m overwhelmed with relief, grief, exhaustion, and patriotism. It’s been a week. Incidentally, aside from being the week of the Boston Marathon Bombing, this week was also Library Appreciation Week, and this Thursday was also Poem in Your Pocket Day. How I wanted to celebrate these holidays. Yet they slipped through my fingers, and got away from me.

Today, as we breathe a collective sigh and remember what’s important in life I’d like to point out another way to celebrate books, Boston and general well being. Next Tuesday evening, as you’re walking home from school or work keep an eye out for the ladies and gentlemen giving away free books in celebration of World Book Night. While April 23rd (this Tuesday) is UNESCO’s Day of the Book as well as Shakespeare’s birthday the people of World Book Night give away books, donated by a varietyWorld Book Night.png of authors, to promote the love of reading. This program is only 2 years old! It’s free to sign up to be a distributer of books. I’m going to Brookline Booksmith to pick up my box in a few hours. My job is simple. Give away all of the copies of The Handmaid’s Tale in my box in a place that people do not normally associate with books. It’s a pretty amazing premise: Give away books! Spread the joy of reading!

Some people don’t have books. Nor do some make reading an integral part of their lives. Receiving a book from me at a T stop may not change any of that. However, I believe that this community is ready for a slew of random acts of kindness. We’ve already been brought together by senseless acts of violence and gunfire. Now it’s time for another kind of event to make us even stronger. World Book Night is celebrated all over the world. So wherever you may be, keep an eye out for this particular brand of magic and hope on Tuesday night.