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The Mysterious Line

Maggie Davidov


Have you ever driven or walked past a Shake Shack? What is the most distinguishing characteristic of this place of business? Picture it in your mind. See the line. Do you see it? I went there last night to see what all the fuss was about but gave up when I saw, 

l wondering what it is exactly they put in those burgers and fries. What’s the x factor? I read in a magazine about the Shake Shack CEO who talked about how the line builds character. How people want to conquer the line. It’s a “challenge accepted” concept.

again, a line around the corner outside of the restaurant. Though it is spring, you really wouldn’t know that at night. So instead I chose a local burger place and was quite satisfied. But here I am stil

You’re probably wondering what this has to do with library school. Nothing. It has nothing to do with library school, unless you get reeeeeally creative. Think about that longing and desire to cross the threshold of the Shake Shack? Think about the holy grail attitude of the shake seekers. Don’t we want that attitude in our future patrons? Don’t we want that hunger for reading in the people that cross our doors? What does the average library patron look like these days? Are they hungry? Hungry for knowledge? Ravenous for a great story? I don’t know.

The last time I remember a line around the corner of any book dealing establishment was on the eve before the release of the last Harry Potter book.  The energy in the crowd was electric. The buzz of “Dumbledore’s not dead” or “Snape’s not evil” theories bounced around the crowd. The sole focus of this line was book discussion. It was what they were craving.

Harry Potter book releases symbolize what we strive for in libraries, whether we care to admit it on not.  We want a dedicated group of followers, worked up into lather because of books, whether digital or print. We want a Shake Shack. Well, perhaps not burgers in the library. But we want that riotous crowd banging down our door demanding sweet, juicy perfection, salivating at the thought of their information needs being met.