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Maggie Davidov

5 Reasons I love my Simmons Experience

  1. I love the man passing out copies of Metro at the Copley Square T stop. Every morning I come into Simmons I look forward to his high five and kind comment, “Your smile blows me away! Have a great day!” We need more people around like that every day. 
  2. I love the reference librarians at Beatley. I love their desire and commitment to search for anything I need. Whether I’m talking to them on “chat with a librarian” or at the information desk I know their on a quest on my behalf. 
  3. LISSA. They help me get my ALA membership dues and tickets for the summer conference reimbursed. How lucky are we to have a student group that advocates so powerfully for us and part of their job is to facilitate reimbursements for our professional development? Incredibly lucky!
  4. My professors! My professors who write back to me on the weekends. My professors who encourage me to go to their office because they really want to work on my paper with me.  My professors who make me laugh. My professors who tell me they appreciate my annotated bibliography. They learned something from me.
  5. My peers!  I am so honored that I get to spend time with these intelligent, awesome people. I learn an incredible amount from my classmates who know so much about …everything. I was talking with a friend of mine about teaching information literacy (fascinating topic). She showed me a website absolutely crucial to any IL class so that they may determine how this website is real or not. Meet the misunderstood tree octopus. With friends like these who needs anemones?