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Infographics make me smarter

Maggie Davidov

What are infographics and why are they awesome? This post is an infographic, you guessed it, about infographics! Wild, I know. Essentially the infographic distills all relevant statistics and facts about a topic into one pretty picture that relaxes the mind. Margaret Rouse says it best when she defines infographics: “Infographics (information graphics) is the display of information in such a way that it can be easily understood at a glance.”

You’ve probably come across a bunch of infographics in your information consumption lifetime. I did, but didn’t really know why I was more likely to process the information from an infographic than from say a 30-page journal article my professor wanted me to read for next Thursday. Both are valid forms of conveying information. I just think that after reading 400 pages for classes this week I’m way more likely to read an infographic post sent to me by a colleague than a New York Times article about the exact same topic.

Think about it then next time you get a fascinating article sent to you by a friend or colleague. How can I make this easier to process? How can I turn this into something much more likely to go viral? If you are as inspired as I am by this medium and feel like making your own infographic about how awesome cats are then check out this website:  to make your very own infographic and share your thoughts about cats with the world.

P.S. This whole post idea started when I got an email from a colleague at my school. I didn’t open the email for a long time because I was really dreading reading another professional article. When I finally opened it I was so pleasantly surprised by the ease with which my brain enjoyed reading about technology in libraries that I knew I had to find out more about these suckers. This infographic came from an post titled How Technology is Shaping the Future of Libraries.