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One more step toward adulthood (AKA inflaming PPS)

Maggie Davidov

I don’t know why I was holding back. Maybe I thought that without an official MLS I wouldn’t be allowed in. Perhaps I was I was afraid that pledging my time, money and inbox space to this organization cemented my career choice more than paying $6,500 a semester ever did. Whatever the reason I have been avoiding the ever watchful, and professional eye of the ALA, a lidless eye, wreathed in flame. Wait, no, that’s the eye of Sauron. I don’t equate the ALA with Mordor. Really, I just fear that being a member of a professional organization is the final step toward adulthood. To a certain extent, I am right. My inbox is overflowing with invites to email lists, print and e-publications, and various webinars about the latest happenings and developments in the field of library science. SCARY, right?! Ok, I’m overreacting. I’ve always had PPS, Peter Pan syndrome, and growing up on any level really inflames my condition. The boy in tights inside of me wants to cut and fly away.
Then I decided to explore another Neverland, the ALA website. I’m not going to lie to you, this is a place where dreams are born and time is very planned. In learning about the ALA Conference this summer, my heart was all a flutter. These are the people you hear about on NPR but never see in real life! Ping Fu, Khaled Husseini, Jerry Pinkney and…wait for it….BRIAN SELZNICK are all going to be speaking about BOOKS! Who’s excited?! Have I done a complete 180? Perhaps I have. Perhaps I can be wooed by the discounted student rates for membership and ticket price to the various conferences offered. Also, a little fairy told me that these membership dues can be refunded by Simmons. For more information and to hear more fun facts from this fairy in disguise read this blog every Wednesday. I promise you wisdom and hilarity.