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Library Lovers Month

Maggie Davidov

That’s right folks! It is indeed that time of year. Love is in the air! Love for LIBRARIES, that is. I genuinely resent the Hallmark holiday that gets us all hot and bothered. In college I remember taking my friends out for margaritas, mocking the holiday and celebrating my love for them. While margaritas are always an excellent idea and cherishing friends is always at the top of my list I think Library Lovers Month offers a new way to channel my love.
First, take a second to think about the following questions. Why do you love libraries? What have libraries done for you lately? Have libraries changed your life?
Those reading this blog, besides my mother, are most likely interested in the field of library science. And why not? Library science is where it’s at people! So I think it’s time we remembered to honor those hallowed halls of learning and discovery that brought us to this field of study. Your library deserves a hug of some kind. Here are some ways in which to hug your library so that you don’t end up on the street hugging bricks:
– Write your local librarian a thank you note/love note/picture of rainbows and unicorns.
– Return those overdue DVDs and books piling up next to your bed.
– Bring in a plate of butyraceous treats for your local library staff.
– Make a donation to your local library.
– Walk in to your library and boldly state what should be said, “I LOVE YOU LIBRARY OF MINE!”
Whatever you decide, make sure to mention to others that it’s Library Lovers Month this February and spread the love. Spread the joy! Spread butter on a delicious scone and offer it to a librarian at Beatley today!