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On Starting A New Year, and A New Semester

I cannot believe that Christmas break already came and went.  I spent my time tanning in the Floridian sun, crafting all of my Christmas presents, catching up on some quality sleep time, and enjoying hot beverages… I am especially enjoying the newfound glories of a proper cup of English Breakfast tea, and the new delights of the French Pressed coffee.
As 2012 ended and 2013 begins, I always find that a few New Year’s Resolutions make their way into my habits as a student.  Read: I WILL read all the readings this semester.  I WILL go to office hours if I need help.  I WILL start papers and projects well-enough in advance.  Like many students, procrastination is a good friend of mine, who pops in more often than I’d like to take up way too much of my time with persuasions of nail-painting and dessert-baking instead of paper-writing and presentation-practicing.
Typically, I despise trendy productivity techniques.  But over Christmas, I found myself reading an interesting article about the benefits of the small, self-indulgent pleasures in life, especially in the midst of a busy schedule.  Apparently, painting your nails and baking tasty treats can spur someone to complete tasks more quickly and efficiently.  The article actually encourages small breaks for increased productivity (for the interested, it’s the Pomodoro technique).
So, in conclusion, while I would like to promise you, myself, my teachers, and my mother that I will work harder, more efficiently, and further in advance, all that I can promise you for certain is that my intentions are good.  I will have a guilt trip about not starting my project earlier.  I will probably meltdown over leaving a project until too late.  I will call my best friend in tears about not understanding the assignment for a paper that’s due in half a week.  However, I’d like to think that my suffering is preparation for the real world … and in the meantime, I will have delicious baked treats and beautifully painted nails, and I encourage you all to, as well.  Happy Spring 2013 semester, everyone!