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Do you dare?

daring librarian
While I continue my efforts to make myself a well rounded library student I have started to target blogs. I set up my google homepage through my Simmons mail so that I’m alerted to their newest posts etc. As you well know there are a ton of most excellent blogs run by libraries and librarians alike. I love the bloggish library site I work on at my job. In what other job can I spend a good half hour on a well crafted “Hey girl” post, complete with graphic and cuddle speak from the man we all know and love? Really…only in libraries. God, I love my job!
In this spirit I comb the web for blogs to inform my studies and my work. Multiple times a blog is shows up in other librarians blogs, exciting webinars cite a guest speaker most commonly known as the daring librarian. She defines her commentary on what works in school libraries as “sweet, snarky freshness”. She’s tech savvy and embraces the massive changes taking place in the field making her commentary incredibly relevant. I appreciate her appreciation of others contributions to the field, her humility and her dry wit. Every post is rife with helpful links and infographics to help you learn. I hope I can be just as daring as the superhero librarian with the cape and sexy glasses when I grow up. Check out one of my favorite posts from her archive. It’s about smart tech practices to put in place for the new year. Enjoy it!