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Stress Busters for the End of the Semester

Maggie Davidov

I am a stress champion. Normally, I take a break from stress at Thanksgiving before the season of giving and stressing begins. This year, however, I took the reigns for Turkey day and fed 11 people with a 20 pound turkey. So, my stress levels are still pretty high and everything is coming to a close. I always tell my students not to stress: all will be well in the end, and if all is not well then it is not yet the end. A little bit of The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel that never hurt anyone. I tell them this but never heed my own advice. In an effort to do just that I am passing on study tips, stress busters, and words of love I have compiled for all those who are feeling the end of the semester crunch.
Teach what you’re studying. If you can teach it, you know it. Teach your dog, your brother or your roommate, or look in the mirror and teach yourself.
Remember, no one can ask any more than for you to do your best.
Don’t study on your bed!! It’s too comfortable!
Some people like to do the worst first. If they accomplish what they dislike most, the rest of studying seems easier. Do the worst thing first and the rest of the task will seem easy.
World class runners never stop short of the finish line … they continue to run as fast as they can, through the tape that marks the end. With the finish line in sight, muster your strength and run through it.

I like my director’s piece of advice the most: Just think of puppies and kittens and all will be well.