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Dude…that’s hot

Maggie Davidov

Today is exam day at my school, so the library is chillingly quiet. Not a creature is stirring…not even the cockroaches we sometimes find under the desk. EW!
In celebration of this peaceful respite from the sound and the fury my colleagues and I are catching up on wonderful YA blogs/excellent blogs/pinterest/goodreads quizzes. It really feels like a two hour holiday. The following blog post is a snapshot of 12 of the “hottest” and most talented male authors on the YA scene today. Marginalized by their gender, they’re exerting their manliness and proving that the YA realm isn’t just a game played by lady writers. It’s pretty hilarious. Enjoy!
The Dudes of YA, a “Lit-Erotic” Photo Spread

Kevin Emerson, author of The Lost Code, the Oliver Nocturne series, Carlos is Gonna Get It, and the forthcoming Fellowship For Alien Detection.