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Happiness, already rampant at a library near you!

Maggie Davidov

Does anybody else feel incredibly lucky? Seriously, does anybody out there feel like they’ve hit the profession jackpot? I do. I mean, it’s been quite a year for me in general. I finished 3 years of serving in the Peace Corps, married the love of my life who I met in the Peace Corps (yeah, those statistics are real), started a new job at a school library, and began my first two classes at GSLIS. I really don’t know how next year could compare by any small stretch of the imagination unless I sprout wings and fly to Neverland. However, I don’t think it’s only me that feels this way.
I’ve spent the last three weeks getting to know my first year peers in my core courses and they couldn’t more jazzed about what they do. I remember all of our introductions on the first day of class and everyone’s talking about how they came to love libraries. You know what I’m talking about. Everyone has a story about how they came to the library. It’s always one that makes you smile and nod, because you’ve been there too! Maybe not in exactly the same way, because let’s face it, no one comes in to Narnia through the same wardrobe. But after talking to GSLIS students in the moodle forums, listening to how people are so excited about helping people meet their information needs, discussing the latest technology trends and how they’re being applied to libraries today I can’t help but feel pumped, amped, and quite elated that I’ve found a place where people appreciate the C.S. Lewis reference. No wonder librarians have to die in order for a position to open up. They never retire, because they’re too darn content at work!
This is my first post and I wanted to introduce myself. I feel like anyone reading this post will think I’m a ray of sunshine and light, which of course, is not always the case. I think it’s the “happiness is contagious idea” philosophy, and I just happen to be in libraries a lot more, surrounded by interesting, inquisitive minds, and that makes me happy.