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A New Semester: Reference

To those of you about to start your Simmons GSLIS careers in two short weeks, welcome! It’s going to be a great experience, I promise.  Now, if you’ve been a diligent student and read the handbook, you’ll know that Reference is one of the required core courses that everyone at GSLIS must take.  I really enjoyed reference, in part because my professor gave us a series of assignments with puzzling questions that we then had to find the answer to.  Let me tell you, I knew I had found my calling as a librarian when, after six hours of intense search strategies and different keyword combinations, as well as an extensive perusal of the Simmons’ databases (since all the answers were to be found therein), I made the internet yield the correct answers.  It was a moment of pure and sweet triumph, and made me think for the first time “hey, maybe I really can be good at this whole librarian thing!”
So, to get you into the spirit of the new semester and sharpen up your search skills, I present to you A Google A Day, which seems really fun (and really seems like it was created for librarians by librarians, because really, who else gets as excited about effective search strategies as we do?).  You can sign in and unlock questions, or you can simply tackle the question of the day.  Have fun!