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Librarian or Batgirl?

Library and Information Science – that is the degree program we are pursuing and the name says it all.  The Master’s degree program years ago was just Library Science, but as the world changes, so does the role of librarians.  We are not just librarians, but information and technology specialists…scientists, in fact. If you think you know what your librarian does, think again. This is a much bigger world than checking out books. We are Superheroes of the Information Age!
Earlier blogs discussed our personal journeys to discover what area of Library and Information Science we wish to pursue.  I, like my peers, have changed my mind countless times in these first few months.  Why?  Because there are so many choices!
Here is my short list of career paths I have considered:

  • Tradition public librarian with a modern technology twist – database management, technology public outreach (iPads, kindles, etc.), web development, social media.
  • Reference librarian in an academic library.
  • Faculty librarian in an academic setting – Yes, librarians are now embedded in university departments, as faculty members, bringing information literacy in the modern age to students and faculty alike.
  • Special libraries – Information and technology specialists are vital in medical schools, hospitals, law libraries, patent research, and even prisons.
  • Embedded librarians – They don’t need a “library” in the traditional sense.  Any place information needs to be organized and retrieved, you will find librarians!  Embedded librarians work in all kinds of businesses, hospitals, government agencies, even the CIA.
  • Anything at the Library of Congress – After all, it IS the Library of Congress!
  • And of course, Batgirl.

My peers have also mentioned the following:

  • Archivists
  • Museum curation
  • Systems librarian (Lovers of technology, this is for you!)
  • Web developer
  • Database management in the corporate world
  • School librarians

I am sure this is a very incomplete list…feel free to add to it in the comments.
Remember, the diversity of careers with our degree is the essence and beauty of it!