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In Flux

A lot of the friends, acquaintances, and colleagues I’ve made since my time began at Simmons have been or have started to question the direction they’re going in library science/archives school.  I can’t say I’ve been exempt!  Through the classes I’ve taken, internships I’ve had, and even internships I’ve applied for, I’ve been molding and trying to figure out the course and shape of my future career.
Do I want to work in a corporate or academic environment?  Out of all the areas and time periods of history that interest me, which do I want to continue to pursue?  What will be the topic of my dissertation?  Yes, I’ve definitely been weighing that one in my head, even if it’s still two years down the road.  Do I even want to continue pursuing history?
One thing I’ve learned, which seems quite obvious but isn’t necessarily always black and white, is that I’ll never be happy in a job that doesn’t interest me.  Friends of mine that aren’t enjoying their internships find the material boring, and it’s hard to do a job day in and out that bores you.  I enjoy my internship because, strangely, pouring over the material of the political campaign to abolish rent control in Cambridge doesn’tbore me.
I definitely didn’t know what I was going to do out of high school, and I really didn’t know what I wanted to do out of undergrad.  Even when I applied to graduate school, my focus was a little fuzzy.  But that’s okay.  I feel like if I continue to plug along with an open mind, I’ll be able to connect the dots.
A few months ago, on a flight back to Boston from Arizona, I sat next to a very successful and established neurosurgeon who asked what I could possibly do with a degree in library science.  Libraries, after all, are on the “decline.”  But I’m of the firm opinion that no matter what degree you get, it’s all what you make it.  You need to really love what you’re doing, and if you don’t, you might want to consider doing something else.  I feel like I’ve found something that I truly believe in.