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The Suburbs

One of the benefits of going to school in a city like Boston is that, aside from everything you’ll be doing in school, the city itself has plenty to offer.  I completed my undergraduate school at a tiny university in central Pennsylvania—Shippensburg University, to be exact.  And even though I loved the school, the faculty, and my experience there, the best thing the town had to offer were fields of corn and cows.  Sure, my friends and I frequently made trips to D.C., Baltimore, and Philadelphia to see shows, etc., but that usually meant at least a 1 1/2  to 2 hour commute one way.
Boston is much more expensive than middle-of-nowhere Pennsylvania (my roommates and I shared an apartment and only paid $125 a month each in PA), but it’s justifiable in the end.  In a few weeks, PAX (a huge video game convention) will be coming to Boston.  I’ve already registered and am totally looking forward to it!  Sometimes  I do find myself missing green things and a little bit of nature, but Boston isn’t crazy big or tall like New York, and there are actually trees and parks if you look for them.  The squirrels in the Boston Commons are the chubbiest little things I’ve ever seen, and there are TURKEYS near Kendall Square.  No exaggeration.  One day I hope to get back to the suburbs, but I’m slowly learning to appreciate life in a city.