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Work Experience

If I were applying to an MLIS graduate program today instead of a year ago, there is one major thing I would have done differently:  I would have tried to get more related work experience before starting my classes.  It’s  not as if I feel behind in my classes or am having trouble keeping up, but it would definitely have given me more applicable skills to help me in not only finding an internship, but also working in my 438 internship.
There are a lot of great volunteer experiences available, too.  Unfortunately, many historical societies and repositories run on very limited budgets, and they might not have the funds or the staff to complete all the projects they want (or even need) to complete.  I’m talking specifically about archives, but many local libraries are looking for volunteers, too.  Even the National Archives of the United States has an active call for volunteers open:
I know from experience that juggling work (to pay for rent and food), your social life, and side projects can be difficult and stressful, but in the end, I bet it’s worth it.